Flexta | PDF calendar is a flexible, FREE viral marketing tool for your business, designed to create a personalised, own-branded digital PDF calendar in seconds!    

Create one now, for 2007, and send it to your colleagues, clients or friends.  You can choose from a broad range of different colours, fonts, languages, page layouts, and even upload your own logo(s) or picture(s).

Flexta | PDF calendar can create Annual (12 months on a single page) or Monthly (12 months, each with its own page) calendars, in seconds, and you also include your own URL to promote your website.

Best of all it’s absolutely FREE to use, there’s no registration, and no requirement to even provide us with a reciprocal link. To begin, just click on either the Annual or Monthly links (beneath), and select your personal formatting options; it’s as simple as that!

Symbol Annual Calendar [12 months on 1 page]

Symbol Monthly Calendar [12 months on 12 pages]